VRG PRO Vr Glasses Blue Light Eye Protection Mobile Phone Virtual Reality Helmet 3D VR Glasses

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Single product: 20x11.5x11.5cm, 361g

VRGpro headset version:

Single product: 22.5x22.5x12cm, 615g

Packing list: host + lens cloth + manual + packaging (without remote control handle, optional)

The product is not charged, the remote control needs to purchase 2 AA batteries for use, it is not shipped from the factory

Optional supporting product weight: B01 handle=65g, 13.3*6.3*1.7cm/

052 handle=56g, 4*4.5*13cm/

B03 handle=50g, 11.5*3.5*3cm/

Y1=56g, 13.3*6.3*1.7cm

Support mobile phone: 5-7 inch smart phone;

Myopia Support: Adjustable within 800 degrees of both eyes;

Lens: HD blue light coated lens;

Interpupillary distance 58-75mm; Object distance: 52mm;

Viewing angle: about 110°

The headphone version comes with headphones and buttons, which can adjust volume, pause playback and other functions.

Headphone plug diameter: 3.5mm, TYPE-C and IOS jacks need to purchase adapters (purchased at your own expense, not shipped)

Note: All dimensions are measured by hand, please understand if there is any error

Note to iPhone customers:

When using this product, it is recommended to use Apple's original headphone adapter cable (LT to 3.5mm) for iPhone. If the adapter cable is not original from Apple, the button functions on the glasses will not work.




S5ad82a69e6034447bf663b80eaabe0fb7.jpg?width=950&height=1284&hash=2234About the gamepad:

1. Can I play any game?

A: For products that are directly connected and played directly, there is no need to download the game hall, and they can be played directly after the Bluetooth connection. Some gamepads can only support games in the designated game hall. The original game is a touch screen version. You must download the gamepad version of the same game from the game hall with its own QR code to play (the original game login data remains unchanged) , support current popular mobile games.

2. Can Apple support it?

A: This product supports Android and Apple, and the games are currently free.

3. Is this handle easy to use? Is it difficult to use?

A: There are no bad ones, only the ones that don't work. It takes a little bit of adaptation from touching the screen to using the handle. For you who are keen on games, this is definitely not a problem. For Xiaobai, as long as you are willing to learn with an open mind, it is also a problem. Of course, for you who are too lazy to learn, you can only be clumsy. Slowly swiping on the phone.

About VR glasses:

1. Can I watch any source?

A: The video used must be in left and right format, and the center line of the video should be aligned with the center line of the glasses, otherwise ghosting will occur. Try not to use panoramic video for the first time.

2. What mobile phones can be used? how to use?

Answer: The mobile phone version of the VR glasses does not require a mobile phone system, as long as it can be put in (usually within 4-6 inches), the film source used is as above, the video downloaded from the mobile phone is placed in the glasses, and the center line of the video is aligned with the center line of the VR glasses , adjust the focal distance and pupil distance according to your own vision (you can wear glasses if you are beyond your vision range) until you have a high-quality viewing effect.

3. Is this product good?

A: All of our products are genuine from the original factory, using high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, and the design conforms to human science. With good film sources and mobile phones, the effect is very shocking.

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