Xiaomi Xming Q1 Pro Mini Projector Portable 500ANSI Lumens 1080P Full HD Home Theater Support 4K Video Projector Wifi Beamer

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1. It is the brand come from Xiaomi factory. with high quality. but the projector has no Xiaomi logo. it is the Xming. please note it before payment.

2. 500 ANSI Lumens with Full HD resolution.

3. Support auto focus and auto keystone correction.

4. Wanos virtual sound field technology, especially its virtual sound field (AVE) technology.

5. 2.4 / 5G Wifi support. Wifi mirroring that shares the small screen to the big screen.

Note: It is the Chinese version, voice control only work for Chinese. it supports Chinese and English. The UI only supports Chinese, It supports youtube. do not support the google play store. Because of the international shipping safe problem. we will open the box and take the battery out from the remote control. I hope you can understand.. please check this before order. if you mind. please do not pay or contact us before payment. thanks. the plug is Chinese plug. but we will add the suitable adapter.

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How To Change The Language

Support English menu


Full Auto Keystone Correction

Realize the full automation of trapezoidal correction, place and sit well, and leave the rest to it.

(Omnidirectional trapezoidal automatic correction and auto focusing function. It is recommended that the lateral angle ≤ 20 °, too large an angle will affect the automatic correction effect of the picture.)


Auto Focus

In front of the powerful auto focus function, the picture is focused without even moving a finger.


Automatic Screen Obstacle Avoidance

Through powerful intelligent algorithm, the picture can be automatically avoided in the face of foreign objects such as wall socket, hanging picture, clothes hanger and cable, so as to ensure the integrity of the picture and make viewing more comfortable.


500ANSI Lumens

Compared with Q1, the brightness of q1 pro is increased by 100%, reaching 500ansi lumens, which is more brilliant and wonderful.


1080P Full HD

Hdr10 + decoding is supported, and 4K resolution video can be decoded and played.


Diffuse Reflection Imaging

Imaging with diffuse reflection principle is different from the direct light of traditional LCD TV. The projected light enters the human eye through diffuse reflection, which is less prone to eye fatigue and takes better care of the eyesight of children, middle-aged and elderly people.


Wanos Virtual Sound Field Technology

China panoramic sound wanos has been adopted by more than 400 * cinemas in China. q1 pro specially adopts its virtual sound field (AVE) technology to expand the sound field performance. Combined with the customized 2 * 3W dual inverter speaker, people can hear the unexpected rich spatial details and separation, and feel more immersed.


Wifi Sync Screen

Share your phone screen to the big screen. enjoy the private theater


2+16GB Memory

The projector uses a $1000 price laser projection TV, and the AMLOGIC t972 high-performance TV chip is used with double 2 + 16GB memory. More smooth operation.


Low Noise

The composite heat dissipation design of internal turbine + external axial flow of optical machine is adopted to ensure both heat dissipation and quietness. The noise level is less than 30dB, the small bedroom is more engaged.


Longer Life of LED Light Source

The projector uses high-quality LED light source with strict quality control and fully enclosed light machine to avoid black spots caused by dust falling on the screen. At the same time, the service life of the light source is longer than that of the traditional bulb projector.


Interface of Projector

You can connect many devices like computer / USB disk / Game machine ect




Product Parameters



Size of Projector

202x 185.5x 126.5 mm

Weight of Projector


Display Technique


Light Source Technology


Standard Resolution


Throw Ratio



Amlogic T972




Feng OS (Android 9.0)



Keystone Correction



Less 100W

Input Voltage

19V 6.32A

Standby Power

Less 0.5W

Please read this clearly before payment

It is the Chinese version. support Chinese and English. Default Chinese, when you received the projector please change the language first. our link have the step show you how to change the language. When you change to English, there will still be some pages and apps just suit on China that will not be translated into English, which will not affect your use. please know it clearly before order.

It is the Chinese version. Not all third-party software can be installed and used, like google play store, if can not use please check with the third-party software.

Some external devices may not be compatible with the projector. This is not a problem with the projector. Please ask our online customer service carefully before placing the order.

We will open the box, turn on the projector check and test to prevent any factory defects. Considering the safety of international transportation, we will take out the dry batteries in the remote control, so the package you receive do not contains dry batteries and you need to buy it by yourself. please check this before order. do not support voice control

The plug of the projector is the Chinese plug. but we will add 1pcs adapter that suits for your country to you.

you can install the software by USB. Method: download the APK you want to install to the computer and copy it to the U disk. Then the U disk is connected to the projector and installed directly.

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