NZPJ Leather Men's Backpack European and American Fashion Travel Bag Vintage Head First Layer Cowhide Leisure Backpack

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Hecbd14d6d2ab416da3c4ea60518ab5fet.jpgCowhide knowledge:

Each part of natural cow leather has different skin patterns,

and the skin surface will have insect bites,

skin spots and blood tendons.

There will be some differences in the skin lines of each bag.

First layer cowhide knowledge / maintenance method

1. When the whole piece of cowhide is cut, the texture of different parts of the leather will be different. During the growth of cattle, scars, spots and scratches may be left on the cow leather, which is the characteristic of natural cow leather. Cow leather is not perfect. Unlike artificial leather, PU leather can achieve the same standard.

2. Cowhide products have some leather smell, which can be put in a ventilated place to dissipate the smell, or the smell can dissipate gradually with the extension of service time.

3. The new top layer cowhide products without film will have a little floating color. It will be ok if the leather surface is a little bright after several times of use


Maintenance method:

1. Although the leather has certain water resistance, it should not touch water as much as possible, and it should be wiped dry immediately.

2. Keep clean, waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid scratching the leather surface by sharp objects.

3. Leather maintenance oil can be used for regular maintenance, and dry cotton cloth can be used to wipe metal accessories to make them bright.

Material: top layer real cow leatherH38e662821fae47fca6f89d69e7fcef07k.jpg

Weight: about 1.5kg

Size parameters: length 30cm, width 16cm, height 43cm

There will be point error (1-3cm) in manual measurement, please understand!

(the products are shot in kind, but there will be a little color difference due to lighting and viewing under different monitors.)


注 1:1 英寸 = 2.54 厘米,1 厘米 = 0.39 英寸

Note 1: 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 0.39 inch

Coffee Color



Shoulder strap width 7cmH0f6ced228dd347b5a325e7a6b1af4a39q.jpgHc79b98508b434010aef10c7dce9f629dJ.jpgH4e70c23873df48edb9aec9cde9875e83i.jpg





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