How to save money by using the "Buy Together" feature

How to save money by using the "Buy Together" feature
The buy together feature on our platform ensures that you as the customer find a one stop shop for all your products and in turn save money as you purchase the products you need.

The buy together feature is applied in different ways, it could be in related products, suppose you buy a face moisturizer, it would be great to get the cleanser and the toner as well so that you get the full benefits of a glowing face. It could also be in the form of products frequently purchased together or in products that complement each other example if you buy bread and butter spread is suggested.By using the buy together option you ease yourself the hassle of thinking what else you need to purchase. 

The buy together function helps the client enjoy early shipments as all products will arrive at the same time as opposed to buying one product and waiting for the other, and it also increases positive feelings for the customer and increases customer satisfaction.

Next time consider using the buy together feature, its like being in a one stop shop and having someone pair for you all the items you need to buy, even the ones you would have probably forgotten!.

While the success of an online store depends in large part on its conversion rate, the average transaction value also plays a role in determining how profitable it will be. Online stores are more profitable when they persuade their buyers to purchase more items and spend more money.

Proactive product recommendation and upselling are the keys to increasing transaction value.

While you increase your transaction value, you want to make sure your conversion rates continue to improve, so it’s important to take into consideration what products should be presented and when. You need to find the best way to recommend your products in each case.

Understanding the different types of visitors to an online store will help you present the right products are the right time. We can differentiate between three basic types of online store visitors:

  • Single-minded visitors or determined visitors who know exactly what they want: to find their preferred products quickly and easily. The best way to convert these visitors to buyers is to provide a user-friendly search interface, a logically structured navigation menu and a well-designed filtering system.
  • Browsers or onlookers who are just considering buying a solution for their needs. They’re just looking around in many online stores while waiting for the best offer or product. In their case you can achieve your conversion goals by promoting irresistible offers. Creating product categories such as discount or new products facilitates to serve their needs.
  • Solution-seeking visitors who are looking for an answer their problem. For example, they need some energy efficient light bulbs because of high electric bills. They’re ready to buy a certain product type, but don’t yet know exactly which is the best product that provides the ideal solution for their problem.

Product recommendation is helpful for converting solution-seeking visitors. They’re the most open to suggestions because they know they want to buy, but don’t know the best solution for their needs. You can have a greater impact on their buying process by recommending a product at the right time. Consider, for example, a man who is looking for a gift for his girlfriend – in his case, product recommendation can help make the buying process easier by showing him which products have proven popular.

Some online stores attempt to personalize the sales process with a proactive live chat platform, but it’s an expensive solution. When used effectively, product recommendation can provide a great way to present relevant products to your visitors without a lot of additional time and cost.

You can recommend the products in your online store in three main places: on the home page, product and category pages, and cart and checkout pages. In each place, there are different approaches to product recommendation.

Product recommendation on the home page

Starting with the home page, let’s look at some of the best examples of how top online stores use proactive product recommendation to increase their sales.

The home page is the most important place for product recommendation so it’s a good place to start fine tuning your approach. According to The Baymard Institute’s research, 25% of test visitors consistently scrolled far down the homepage and then back up again in order to quickly establish an impression of the site’s product range.

It’s vital to illustrate your products and services with a nice layout and attractive photos of the products on your home page. Many visitors judge the entire site by the main page and you only have a moment to make the best impression.

In addition, it’s important to know the visitors to your store and what types of products they are looking for. You want to clearly display the important products and product ranges on your home page.

If your visitors don’t see their preferred product type or range on the home page, they’ll assume that those products aren’t available at your store. Knowing what your visitors are looking for and presenting different product types on the home page will ensure that visitors know they can find what they need.

For a general rule of thumb, at least 30% of the visual presentation on your home page should contain the main product types. In this way, on your site, showcasing products that exemplify your main product types and categories.